LAWA Mobility

Defining Mobility


LAX offers a world-class mobility experience, connecting people to convenient and sustainable transportation options for every journey, whether they visit, live, or work in LA.



To collaboratively develop and implement a holistic mobility strategy to move people and goods to, through and from LAX. By setting priorities toward a common vision, the unit shares transportation policies, projects, programs, and partnerships that create a high-quality mobility experience for all.




GOALS of LAWA’s Mobility Unit

  • A Collaborative and Innovative Approach to Mobility
  • Sustainable and Flexible Mobility
  • A Convenient and Efficient Mobility Experience
  • Effective and Outcome-Oriented Mobility Partnerships

The Mobility Strategic Plan commits LAWA to addressing mobility holistically for the benefit of passengers, employees, and the community.

Download LAWA Mobility Strategic Plan 

Current Mobility Initiatives


Commuter Options LAWA RIDESHARE: LAWA’s fleet of 72 vanpools is one of the largest airport run programs in the nation. It is also the most popular LAWA program, with approximately 19% of LAWA employees participating in the program. LAWA Rideshare saves over 20,000 gallons of gas per month, and reduces roughly five million pounds of carbon emissions each year.

INGLEWOOD-LAX TDM PROGRAM: Inglewood and LAWA have partnered to develop a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program to provide efficient, high occupancy vehicle access to LAX for employees who live in the City of Inglewood. Over 3,000 LAX employees live in the City of Inglewood, and this TDM program will provide a free, fast and efficient alternative for employees who work in the CTA. Inglewood is in the process of developing a pilot program to be implemented this calendar year.

METRO MICRO-TRANSIT: Micro is Metro’s new on-demand rideshare service, offering trips within several zones in LA County. The new service is for short trips and uses small vehicles (seating up to 10 customers). The service is meant to be a fast, safe, and convenient option for quick trips without having to transfer. The service will launch in the LAX/Inglewood zones on December 13, 2020.


Commuter Options LAWA operates the nation’s largest airport alternative-fuel fleet. Alternative fuel vehicles make up over 60% of LAX’s fleet; 15% of the fleet is now electric. LAWA has approved the purchase of 20 new electric airfield buses for LAX.


Commuter Options LAX-IT: In October 2019, LAWA implemented LAXit as an interim ground access solution to replace lost terminal curb use due to construction until LAMP improvements are open in 2023. The lot diverts approximately 15% of CTA traffic during peak hours, and an average of 15,000 vehicles a day out of the CTA – exceeding targets set for the program’s initial operations.

Commuter Options LAX FLYAWAY: The LAX FlyAway bus served more than 1.9 million passengers last year, resulting in reduction of 3,674 metric tons of carbon emissions. LAWA is actively working on creative solutions to enhance the FlyAway service. In July 2019, the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development partnered with LAWA to host a design workshop to develop creative solutions to optimize and expand FlyAway offerings. This resulted in 66 ideas for modernizing the FlyAway, 15 of which were prioritized by the group for LAWA’s consideration in upcoming procurement efforts.

EV CHARGING: There are more than 150 electric vehicle chargers installed at LAX. Commuter Options

New Mobility Initiatives Coming Soon…

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